Which macbook is compatible with engine dj

Im thinking of upgrading to a newer macbook pro, but not sure which to get or which is compatible with engine dj software. An M1, M1 pro, or an M1 max? please lease let me know. The current computer I have is a 2013 15’ macbook pro running Mojave.

I have a M1 max and it works fine. No issues so far.

I would suggest buying one within your budget.

The Apple M1 and above is a killer machine (especially if you consider how little power it draws)

You will be fine with the M1.

Will probably last you 5-12 years depending on what you do. When it comes to using Engine OS maybe even longer :smiley:

M1 Max is brutally overkill. The vanilla M1/M2 are already perfectly capable and the M1 Pro is really great. I have this one in my 16" MBP. I can’t even describe how much I love this machine. A Windows or Intel laptop? Haha. Never again.

The screen, speakers, trackpad, battery life, cooling/fans, performance per watt and build quality are best in class, period. The rest (keyboard, webcam, ports) is also more than solid. The only downside is the lack of proper games and some specific software, but so what.

I can run Serato for 7hrs and still have 20-30% battery remaining, it’s just absurd.

As for Engine DJ, no problems so far. The software itself needs some proper updates, but it runs stable and with the 14"/16" models you have the added convenience of the SD card slot, which I always use with my Mixstream Pro (and soon Prime 4 or Live 4).

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Just make sure you don’t update to Ventura… Engine can’t see external drives… :confused:

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Yet… Ventura support is actively being worked on

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what size screen is your M1, M1 pro, or M1 Max?

For track prepping / EngineDJ it doesn’t really matter imho.

When Serato DJ or VDJ come into play, I would go for at least 14" (I got the base model). And 16" if you use it with 4 decks. Then you still have enough place for the library + preview/prepare area. And remember, you have a nifty trick with the ‘change display GUI scaling’ option in the screen settings. That way you can scale everything down a bit to show more on the same display area - if needed.

By the way, Macbook rulez. The 2016-2019 generation was pretty crappy, but since the M1 release they blow the whole competition out of the water.

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thanks for the tip.

Ok one more question. If I want to buy a new macbook pro say an M1 Pro Chip can I request to install OS earlier than Ventura or does the new macbooks have to come with Ventura?

This is a question to Your local apple store. I got My M1 Max before Ventura came out, so I have still the previous one. But since 2.4.0 is out, Engine is compatible with Ventura, so should be no issues…