Which ID3 Tag?

Please can someone confirm which ID3 tags Prime 1.5 uses?

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There’s a lot - which one(s) were you hoping for in particular ?

Im not hoping for any really, Im just trying to work out where the info displayed in the columns in Engine Prime is taken from.

Im using Kid3 as a test to see about tagging all my MP3s. It seems that some info in Prime comes from ID3v1.1 and some from ID3v2.3.0. It would be super useful if Denon issued some sort of chart or table to say where each column they display in Prime reads its metadata from.

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I’m assuming you are simply talking about the main bits of info; track, artists, album, key and year, or are you after more like album artist, remixer etc?

Im currently using the comments section to add catalogue numbers. Im only using this as I cant see a dedicated catalogue number field but if there is one, then if someone could advise, that would be great.

Anyway, I can see a Comments section in each of the ID3 versions. Ive updated each one with the catalogue number for a release. It changes in the Properties section of the actual music file, but doesnt seem to make a difference in Prime.

…and you’ve had EP re-scan the tags?

[quote=“PKtheDJ, post:6, topic:23829, full:true”]…and you’ve had EP re-scan the tags? [/quote]

This is important to bring the new info in. I’ll have a look when I get in as it is the same place the MIK puts key and energy (I think it is simply the comments tag though).

Forgive me, but what do you mean by re-scan the tags in EP? Ive removed the particular track from my collection in EP and gone to re-import it, but the changes I made to the actual file properties didnt pull through to EP.

Right click file, select “re-import track information”.

Wouldnt this happen anyway when removing and re-importing the track?

Come on, this is Denon we’re talking about :joy:

Ideally it should, but you ought to check.

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Well, Ive already removed and reimported the track. I’ll try the re-import track information option after work and see whats what.

Can anyone from @DenonDJ_Support_DE or Denon DJ confirm which metadata tags are read by Engine Prime, and which are written to in the actual media files and database.

I’m talking about something like this:

or this:

This is very useful information when using third party apps to manage your music library, because it helps prevent unexpected overwrites of metadata. No one wants that when you’ve spent years honing your cataloguing system!

This is essential for me. I am using Yate to handle all my tags, and Label is not coming through for a lot of them. If we knew more what exactly Prime uses for Label than we could at least talk to the Yate developers

I try to have Yate get metadata from Discogs first and if I cannot find the release there I will try MusicBrainz. Here is some discussion about tags at MusicBrainz https://picard.musicbrainz.org/docs/tags/

Fill out every tag in Engine Prime and then import into whatever you use and cross reference what tags are populated into which field.

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I’ve just had a quick look at this.

In EP I enabled the Label column and found a track that had some info stored there.

I then checked the track with Tag&Rename, and the Label field was blank. Enabling the Label column in Windows Explorer also showed nothing.

It seems then that EP is using a different tag area for Label than at least two other apps.

In Rekordbox 6 I can see the Label info. Traktor = no. Serato = yes. VirtualDJ = yes.

Ah, in Windows Media Player the info shows under Publisher. Enabling Publisher in Windows Explorer, still nothing!

I have nailed it down in my scenario to usage of ALAC and AAC files. Neither of them show it in Engine Prime but Label shows on MP3 in Engine Prime. All MP3, ALAC and AAC have been tagged the exact same way using Yate.

Worth noting perhaps that iTunes doesn’t have a Label column.