Which Bluetooth-adapter are you guys using to connect the Denon Prime Go with a Bluetooth Speaker (I am using the Tailgater)

Hi there,

Just a quick question: Which Bluetooth-adapter are you guys using to connect the Denon Prime Go with a Bluetooth Speaker (I am using the Tailgater). Which one have you found to be most reliable? Thanks for your input!

(love my new Denon Prime Go) Thomas

The problem with Bluetooth is the latency, the delay of the Bluetooth adaptors - it might only be 10ms or 20ms on the Bluetooth Transmitter adaptor added to a smart console like the Go, but the Bluetooth receiver adaptor in the speakers will add processing latency delay too then the speakers DSP might add delay also.

Cables are the better option. I’d rather have “better” than “cool” any day


I am aware of that and thank you, S_Anderson for pointing that out. You’re absolutely correct, It is indeed MUCH better to use the XLR. I am just asking as I have a small open-air-party-setup with my ION Tailgater (also not exactly the greatest piece of equipment around) and would like to know, which sender/reciever you guys can recommend. Thinking about getting a pair of rechargable battery-pack-powered Soundboks 3 (you can use those with XLR plus Bluetooth).

OK, I wouldn’t recommend using Bluetooth at all. Too much latency. :+1:

okay, I finally found an answer to my question. Maybe it’s interesting to some of you guys, so here you go: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zRN7aHqTijI

Hmmm… One hundred dollars for that little transmitter, and you need a compatible receiver, but still get 19ms latency. No thanks!

There might not be a Skaa-use-case for you, but there is one for me. I’ll probably go with the XLR-cable more than 90% of the time, but there will be situations, where I’ll be happy to have the Skaa-wireless-connection with the Soundboks. 19 ms latency is acceptable: It’s about the amount of time it takes your brain to send or receive nerve signals from your fingertips. All in all: I agree with @PKtheDJ, that it’s expensive and I also think, it’s not ideal. But I’ll probably go for the Soundboks, use XLR most of the time and have the Skaa-Connection as a fallback in case I need to go wireless because of the space I am working in.

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