Where to ADD a Subwoofer in addition to 2 other speakers on the PRIME 4+ system

Where to plug in the subwoofer on the PRIME 4 + with 2 other speakers

What is the make and model of your speakers and sub?

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JBL EON 715’s and the sub is a JBL EON 718s

Your device does not have a sub out. But there is two things you can do though.

1 Connect the main out to your tops (715) then use the pass through to connect the left top to ch1 on the sub and then connect the right top to ch2 on the sub.


2 You can use the booth out or the unbalanced rcas from the main out to connect directly to the sub.


I’d advice running your outs to the sub, and then using the sub pass through to connect to your tops.


Thank you for the advice, I will try it both ways

Thank you for the advice, I will try this !! to see what best works

There’s only one pass through on the sub though.

Option 2 is how I have my setup at home, master controlling one thing, booth controlling the other. More control that way.

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