Where is the WiFi antennae located on the Prime SC5000 M? Is it possible to use the Ethernet connection to get a better connection (via modem or router?)

Looking to make a more reliable network connection for my Prime Series hardware. Knowing the Wifi antennae location may give some clue as to the best placement for hotspots or perhaps a wired network connection would be helpful. Any thoughts on this topic…

The SC5000’s will connect to the internet via ethernet when the wifi is not in use. Mine are hardlined. If you are using a mobile hotspot while at a gig, purchase a GL-AR150 and USB tether instead then connect via ethernet.

I don’t know if that would help You with anything. Wifi antenna is located in the middle of the unit on the right side. Just next to the buttons above the pitch fader.

Do you know anything about antenna design? Soon as I read this an image of the field that certain antennas produce popped into my head lol