Where is Pitch Play in Serato on SC Live 4?

Hey, I try to use Pitch Play in Serato as it is described in manual of Serato Hardware SC Live 4, it says (it’s weird because in one place is different than in other place) “PITCH PLAY mode: Press the CUE mode button twice to enter Pitch Play mode. In this mode, pads 1-8 play Cue points over variable pitch ranges. Use the Parameter Left & Right controls to shift the Key Range down or up, and hold SHIFT while pressing the Parameter Left & Right controls to Key Shift up or down. See the ‘Pitch Play’ section for more information.” or "Holding SHIFT and pressing the CUE performance pad mode button on the Denon DJ SC Live 4 will enable Pitch Play mode. In this mode you an play Cue Points over variable pitch ranges. There are 3 key ranges to choose from. The following tables show pitched key ranges (in Semitones) while using the 8 performance pads in Pitch Play mode. To toggle beteen key ranges press the Parameter left & right buttons. "

But both ways are not enabling Pitch Play mode. I have Engine OS 3.3.0

Do you have the Serato DJ Pitch N Time plug in?


Oh, now I See I have to have it :stuck_out_tongue:

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