Where have all the SC6000ms Gooooone?

OK look. I’m patient, but hear me out. The last time I bought decks, in just over 30 days, Denon released the 6000 series—a day after I could trade up, so I NEED to know.

Is Denon releasing a new scratch platter player?

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I want to know too! I bought a X1850 mixer just a month ago and am/was saving up to pair it with an SC6000M, but it has pretty much gone out of stock everywhere. I saw that the price of it dropped down to $1383 at some retailers (at the time of writing this it has since gone back up to $1799 in the very few stores that still has it in stock.) At one point last month Amazon said it had 6 in stock and I was gonna buy one using Amazon monthly payment plan, then maybe 12 hours later I check Amazon again and it said out of stock. How the hell did they sell all 6 units within a few hours?!

I’m really starting to wonder if there may be new models coming out in the next few months and Denon is trying to sell off current models to make room for new ones. Either way I’m gonna continue to save up and take a wait and see approach before I purchase anything else DJ related.

Amazon is showing 4 in stock as of the time of this message.

The 4 that are in stock are: 2 units being sold by third party sellers, and 2 used units sold by Amazon warehouse. There are no brand new units shipped and sold by Amazon as of right now, which is what I was looking for.

Me personally, when I’m buying off Amazon I always try to buy things that are listed as “shipped and sold by Amazon”, because they have a no hassle return process.

My local DJ shop here in the U.K. has them listed as in stock and available to buy.

I apologize I did not look into the actual selling stores, just the main listing.

Wow a thread of lots of first time posters.

There’s something that you don’t see often.

I don’t think there’s a new model on the horizon but you never know.

The stock levels were most probably low due to the good price but they generally tend to fluctuate. Often inMusic do a “buy one get one free” or half price kinda offers on lots of their Rane and Denon DJ gear. Maybe there were some promo you missed out on, I’m not sure.

They’ll be back in stock soon enough.

The only addition you might see would be getting the + or PLUS (Amazon Music currently) as the 6000s have already adopted the more muted (boring and drab - oops I mean PROfessional! … he he) look. I would suppose. : )

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

My ‘toy’ controller has 2 gigs this weekend :slight_smile:


Who can say?! I would wait for the ADE (Amsteram Dance Event) in October and maybe we will have new toys. Of course, mine are only personal considerations! No official news