Where do you get your music

I use Beatport and Traxsource for my MP3’s, and Discog and Juno for my vinyl needs. What do you use for each format?

I’m primarily a video DJ so most things can be found on Xtendamix. I use VLC to strip out the audio track as mp3 for my backup memory stick in the MCX8000.

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Vinyl shops are still open so I grab 2-3 records every month

Dejavu discs for used cds 4 a year

4 new CD compilations a year

iTunes 30 tracks a year.

And whatever recording studios in Trinidad and Jamaica send me.

Juno download and Beatport for lossless audio (WAV/AIFF).

However, if possible I prefer Juno because you can preview the whole track and not only a snippet. With Beatport you have to pay additional monthly fee to even get the full preview - what a joke!

How does Traxsource compare to those two?

It’s been many years, decades even, since I bought CD or vinyl :grinning:

All my purchases now are made from a site that caters for professional users (broadcasters, DJs, music producers etc) fully licensed for that use.

You can preview the whole track in Beatport now too.

Traxsource is OK - I am just used to Beatport. The Beatport Pro was a great application, however is in the process of being decommissioned.

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Vinyl is more for novelty. I buy the records I wanna just listen to. I also buy movie scores for sampling and scratching.

I like cds because I’m in control of the quality of the rip and metadata I give the rip.

Never used CD’s at all - seems a bit cold to me. There is nothing like holding a record you’ve been chasing for years. Listening to it for the first time - its a fantastic feeling.

Digital media is the same - cold, with no emotion or feelings attached. Thats progress though, right?

Vinyl is definitely still being used, but I agree that its more for novelty that any thing else - do the clubs still have decks to play on?

Yes if you have Beatport Link (Pro?) you can, but not all tracks.

I’d say 99% of them I can.

It’s great to have the whole track to listen to, but I find myself going to the middle of the track in any case - I almost miss having only a section of the track to listen to. I know that sounds daft.

I don’t know when not, but I’ve stumbled into some.

Yes, some tracks are not licensed for access by Link subscribers, so they don’t get the preview or ability to stream.


I know what you mean - it is a bit weird, how a few dont let you preview the whole track.

Beatport Traxsource 7digital and Bandcamp for digital files. ouleek for the truly impossible to find.

7digital is great for older records and non-dance releases. They often have things you can’t find elsewhere, and in lossless.

Bandcamp is great if you know what you’re looking for — mostly get links to stuff from friends or FB groups.

Discogs for vinyl and the wealth of records shops and stoop sales in NYC, too.

Beatport for digital, with the odd Traxsource and even Amazon when looking for an old school track, with Discogs almost exclusively for vinyl.

I miss this place soooooooooo much!!! https://www.stompy.com/

But, these days I use:

  1. Beatport
  2. Traxsource
  3. Bandcamp
  4. Juno - (digital & vinyl)
  5. curated.audio
  6. whatpeopleplay
  7. Discogs - (for hard to find vinyl)

90% from Bandcamp. And only if not available on bandcamp I use Junodownload or Beatport. A few more commercial tracks were purchased on Google Play Music Store. But that just got shut down.

That just got transferred - to YouTube Music.

Not the “Store” part. YouTube Music does not allow you to purchase and download.

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Oh OK. They don’t make that very clear.