Where can I find a replacement channel fader?

Hi everyone! I hope you are all doing well this fine afternoon.

My x1800 has worked flawlessly for me since I bought it, but over the years and thousands of transitions one of my channel faders has finally decided to give up the ghost, I am very competent in soldering and electronics repair and I was wondering if anyone may have a link to somewhere where I could buy a replacement fader that will directly replace the broken one, for now I’m ok with using channel 4 instead of 3 but I would like to try to repair my dear old mixer.

Thank you in advance for your help everyone! -dj5quar3

Some (not all) parts are available here: Denon Pro X1800 PRIME Spare Parts - Denon Audio and DJ Parts

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I fiound the channel fader for sale on one online very famous german music reseller (I doesn’t know if we can mention it). Please note that you have to dismount almost everything in the mixer, because the faders are soldered on a pcb wich is well behind other ones I made it by myself … Linuxgalere

Hey there!

I got A Set of new original Channel Faders in Stock for the X1800/X1850

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