When will we get EQ kill and Beat jump on the mixstream pro?

Is it to try to get us to upgrade our gear that they exclude features from mixstream pro in the software? (Like Pioneer does it)

Plzz give us beat jump and EQ kill. Would make the controller legendary!

Well done for understanding basic marketing, this isn’t just limited to DJ gear, it happens with literally every product available for sale.

If you want higher end features, buy higher end products. Thats why I drive an Audi Q5 and not a Dacia Duster.

This should be included, even entry levels controllers have both of these features. No reason why it shouldn’t be on the mixstream. Buying higher gear for EQ kill and beat jump is unnecessary

Beat Jump = more dedicated buttons that add to both material and development cost, read up on the theory of marginal gains to understand how a company would go about feature trimming in order to get a product down to a certain price point, and vice versa to lift a higher product up to it.

Controllers aren’t the thing that have or doesnt have it, you’re completely misunderstanding the tech behind a DJ controller, they are just a dumb midi box that send midi signals. All the mixer components and how they work are handled inside the laptop software, including EQ kills. So the better comparison would be a DJ controller with a built in standalone mixer section, like the DDJ-800, which costs more than a Mixstream Pro yet doesnt have even 1/3 of the capability.

You can say the same about the standalone controllers also. The software is what is running the controller on mixstream, sc live 2&4, etc. This is why they are able to send updates and make changes by bringing new features. Standalone is basically a computer and controller but built inside. If that screen goes out, the controller is a brick just like every other midi controller. Adding EQ kill is just a software fix. Of course beat jump will probably be an onboard thing unless they can map it to a pad mode with shift like they did with the sampler

And you know for sure that the mixer section of the Mixstream is built in such a manner that allows the EQ section to be flipped between kill and -20db?.. are you 100% certain they are software controlled and not hardware?

Unless you can say with 100% certainty that ‘it’s just a software fix’, it’s best not to speculate about what can and cant be done.

The mixer section on the Prime 2 for example is not just a midi controller, it’s a genuine hardware mixer.

that is the prime 4, mixstream is not hardware-based like the prime 4.

As I said, do you know this for certain? or just speculating?

Let the screen stop working on any of these controllers, can you still use them to DJ on them? You can probably use the Aux inputs on them but as far as the decks, its a no go. Its not hardware as you think, it is more software based

Its a fair point, but im more talking about the internal design, are those EQ dials actual analogue dials with a fixed setting or are they simply sending midi to the internal computer, thats my question?

For example, the EQ knobs on a DJM-800 only offer -20db, yet they offer the cut on a DJM-750 and 900.

Mixstream at the price point its at, is definitely sending a signal. I highly doubt there is anything on there that is hardware based. On the more expensive controllers, it is probably different

I guess it falls into this category of Inmusic being more transparent about decisions etc… if there is a genuine reason then it would be good to articulate it.

Having said that, the point about product segmentation still exists, they need to have features kept aside for higher models in order to differentiate, otherwise who would buy the dearer items?

The DJM-S5 only offers full kill by the looks of it, so Pioneer are roughly following the same pattern of restricting the choice, and that would be no good for me because I prefer it not to kill the frequency.

Yep I do agree but still, for something that is mainly software based, they can offer these basic features that are standard on mostly every dj software

If it’s good enough for the market leader to leave it off their entry level DJ mixers. :man_shrugging:t2:

I also wouldn’t call it a basic feature either, which DJ in their first two years is going to be focusing on the nuances of an EQ dial, and more to the point which ones should be… much more important things to learn than the slight differences between a full kill and -20db (which isn’t far off full kill) EQ knob.

You have to remember this unit is marketed as a device for those who are just starting out, who should be focusing on learning to mix, phrasing, smooth blends, looping etc. it’s not for the experienced DJ or those interested in sound to the level of tweaking filter frequencies on EQ knobs.

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Also, as someone who owns a proper analogue isolator on a Mastersounds mixer, yes it does sound fantastic, but on the prime 2 I don’t really get the difference… it doesn’t sum the music in anywhere near the same way the analogue one does and honestly, the difference between turning it on or off is extremely minimal at best.

Yes it may be that the question is “will we get…?” Rather than “when will we get?…”

If all the important features (and every person will have their own different ideas of what is or isn’t an important feature) was included or added to the lower models, then why would anyone buy the mid or higher end models.

It can also be related to price point of the original model - for example a more basic and more cost effective sound card or DsP might not offer any firmware upgrade to EQ effects… or similarly a smaller internal playback buffer might not offer smooth beat jumps, where perhaps a more upmarket model might.

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