When will the SC6000 become available

Hi, I’m new to the Denon fourm and before I start I would just like to quickly introduce myself. I’m from Ireland and have been DJing for over 12 years. Mainly play house but also play a lot of open format as well in pubs, clubs and bars.

Anyways the reason I’m here is I have been using Pioneer for many a year and wanted to upgrade my setup. I had intended on going with a Nexus setup or an XDJ-XZ but I just can’t see the value in it because it’s pretty much obsolete when compared to a Prime setup. I have been looking for a pair of 6000s and a 1850 mixer since they were announced but everywhere I look they are not in stock. Along with that every time I recheck a site the date that they are coming into stock changes. I understand that there may be problems with stock due to Covid but surely Denon have some idea when these might be released. Just before lock down I managed to get picked up by a promoter. He has contacted me since and explained that he wants me ready to go when the restrictions are lifted. The thing is, for obvious reasons I would really like to have some time spent on the Denons before that time. So with all that said has anyone an accurate date for when stock will become available?

They’re not out yet. Denon won’t give an exact date, just that they’re "aiming for " Q2 (April/May/June). The original announcement said “early Q2”, so that’s over and done.

As you’re new you may not know what happened to the release of the Prime 4. Basically it got put back and back, then put back some more. Then Denon decided to hold it back again so they could update the firmware (we could’ve done that ourselves, surely).

So if the same happens again, add on the whole virus thing too, and it could well be Q3 or even Q4 before we see anything.

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That’s whats annoying me about this whole thing. The dates just keep changing. I know I could go the 1800 and a pair of 5000s but I would have that sicking feeling that I’m wasting money if the 6000s are just around the corner. I mean for the money there is little point in buying the 5000s when you consider for a few bucks more you could have the 6000. I just wonder if Denon are trying to shift the remaining 5000s before they release the 6000s. However if they were to offer the free 1800 mixer again with a pair of 5000s I would jump at it at this stage.

The regular 5000s will stay as a lower end part of Denon DJ’s portfolio - so no worries about them trying to get rid of 5000 stock :slight_smile:

I’d suggest you start preparing your library and get it done before the 6000s ship. See how Engine works for you and if you need additional tools to convert your library.

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In case you hadn’t noticed the current pandemic, newsflash, there’s a pandemic going on.

Manufacturing and supply chains have been hit, and hit hard so if (notice the if) the product ends up being delayed it is frankly idiotic to think it’s part of some corporate conspiracy to clear out stock of lower end units.

The latest information we have is sometime in Q2 of this year, however due to the current pandemic (yes, there’s a pandemic) a delay should be no surprise to anyone if Denon DJ announce a delay.

In case you hadn’t noticed I mentioned the pandemic. “Newsflash” I know there’s a pandemic going on.

I understand that manufacturing and supply chains have been hit and I never mentioned corporate conspiracy. Read my post, all I said is that I was “Wondering” (notice the wondering) if they were trying to shift the remaining 5000s before they released the 6000s. No conspiracy there, that would be just good business on Denons part, and I would not blame them for doing it. Also a conspiracy is illegal and criminal so I would appreciate if you didn’t make such assumptions about what I thinking because I do not think for one minute Denon are doing anything illegal or criminal.

Finally thank you for your last comment, Q2 sounds good if it happens.

Oliver Heldens played on a set of 4 of them tonight :c

The promotion is over Denon told me. X1800 stock is cleared. I ordered 2 promo setups last December, the second order was delivered day before xmas with a DOA defective X1800, the first order is still not delivered. The reseller can’t get another setup from Denon. The DOA Mixer was exchanged this month by Denon after plenty of phone calls (oh took only 5 months). Denon knows about aĺl the facts and still nothing happens. No solution is offered for the not delivered setup (and yes it was ordered, when the promotion was still running in full progress). The real pitty is, they got my money now for more than 6 months…

Last ship date I got for my 6000’s was June 19th from PAS. Haven’t heard any updates since the first week of April, so I am assuming that hasn’t changed.