When New Firmware Update for SC5000 Prime?

When New Firmware Update for SC5000 Prime ?

it would be good to have a defined calendar with the releases of the next firmwares and what is the roadmap for the new functionalities and improvements

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I’m certainly thinking the other DJ gear makers would love advance warning of all that too


and again :expressionless:

simply “when it’s done …” :ok_hand:


I really think the next firmware is gonna be released for mid March, it’s been more than 7month since the last 1.2.2

The 7 months seems reasonable when you factor in major firmware releases for the mcx 8000 and they’ve obviously been working on the prime 4, the release of the 5000m and Engine Prime for mcx too.

I assume that is not something they can predict.

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One of the next new functionalities would be the key shifting feature. One of the improvements would be to beat detection.

When who knows?

I would bet my groovebox that the update will happen exactly between now and NAMM 2020 (wow that sounds futuristic) .

Shoot I hope so @denon needs to stay on top of this equipment and software.

Also, I e-mailed Denon already but haven’t gotten a response back yet, but the firmware link on the website brings you to a “not found” page… so hopefully they are aware of this and working to fix the issue?

On a related note, I recently purchased my second SC5000 and it came with the very first firmware loaded on it. When I try to upgrade to the most recent firmware, it doesn’t seem to want to take it. It just sits in firmware reboot mode, but nothing ever happens. Does anyone know if I need to gradually update the firmware from version 1.0 to 1.0.5, 1.1, etc etc… (just for example, not sure on specific firmware editions)

And if so, does anyone by chance have their install package from previous firmware updates previous to the most recent one?

From very old to new you need to update via a computer and the usb3 PC port on the back of the SC.