When is the Rane Prime dropping?

DJ Techtools did a mock-up of a Rane One standalone with a prime 2 touch screen. Would i love this? RanePrime.avif (163.9 KB)

You can make a safe bet that a prototype one exists on a workbench somewhere at InMuisc as they will no doubt expend Engine into all of their DJ brands in the future. I remember that NS7 that ran on Windows CE embedded on the old DJ Worx site many years ago.

Whether or not we ever see one is a different matter. Eventually I can see everything DJ based that InMusic manufacture running within the Engine ecosystem. It makes good business sense.

I don’t think we’ll see a motorised Prime 4 or 2 but a Rane branded controller that has Engine capability.

It’s no doubt that it is on the way… just a matter of when!


Bonjour en espérant qu’il aurai 4 chaine et la fonction sampler un baie pour installer un ssd ou un disque dur et autres fonctionnalités la sa serait vraiment super top

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I think that’s a very safe bet :slightly_smiling_face:

Buy an entry level Numark - use Engine DJ Buy a Denon Prime - use Engine DJ Buy a Rane - use Engine DJ Buy a Stanton - Use Engine DJ

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