What's your favourite feature of the SC5000 Prime?

Wow! With so many amazing features to choose from, this topic title is wide open for you to reply to.

Which of the SC5000’s epic features are you most looking forward to using? Is it the amazing touch display? The dual audio layers? The performance pads? The musical key lock/extreme tempo shift?

…and why ?

Here’s your chance to tell us your deepest DJ desires about this incredible unit.

  • 7-inch HD display with multi-touch gestures
  • 24-bit/96kHz digital audio outputs
  • Dual-layer playback with individual audio outputs
  • Plays uncompressed audio formats (FLAC, ALAC, WAV)
  • 8 multifunction trigger pads for Cues, Loops, Slices and Rolls
  • 8-inch rugged metal jog wheel with HD central display
  • Customizable RGB colour around the jog wheel
  • 3xUSB and 1xSD input for music playback
  • LAN output to link to up to four players
  • Power Loss Protection (keeps going when the powers gone temporarily)
  • Musical Key Lock/Extreme BPM Shift

Here’s a quick reminder of the SC5000’s main feature overview video:

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Mine is without a doubt dual layering. Allows me to buy one right away, and when I buy the second one I get four decks. Love it. By the way, I used to own the HS5500s.


Without a doubt it’s going to a combination of the pads a dual layering.

But that screen. WOW!


It’s way too hard for me to pick a single feature…I have to go with my top 3. :sunglasses:

The dual layering system is an absolute game changer for me. Aside from the obvious use of loading another track, I want to make the second layer a “track” that simply contains tons of one-shots, loops, etc., (similar to DJ battle vinyl of old) that I’ll assign accordingly to the performance pads. The creative uses are endless.

One of the USB inputs is 3.0. A welcomed addition and pleasant surprise. That’s one gripe I always had with my CDJ-NXS2s (i.e. how could a new system not come with modern specs for the device’s drive?)

The combination of a high refresh rate enabled screen and proper CPU. The NXS2 display is choppy (low refresh rate) and the lack of CPU horsepower potentially throws a wrench in future changes to the hardware/GUI. Perhaps the best illustration of this is the NXS2’s lack of Beat Jump greater than a single beat…which is a bit odd considering the XDJ-1000 MK1 and MK2 have multiple values available for Beat Jumps. I could never understand why the expensive, flagship product I own(ed) lacked features found on lesser models. My guess is a potential issue for anyone using a CD during the performance (ex: buffer issues from high jump values), I digress.

Mods: I don’t want this post to seem like competitor bashing. I’m simply offering comparisons from personal experience as a long-time user of said competitive products. Please feel free to edit as you deem necessary.


Not really competition bashing, all fair points !

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I think the best and really breakthrough features will released with Bluetooth and WiFi service via Firmware upgrade. Imagine the possibilities, like sending Ableton Link Signal via WiFi. Maybe linking and syncing it with a new MPC or simply make Data connection to the PC or stream music directly. Maybe a killer feature could be to connect a tablet to the SC5000 and you’ll get a simple mixer function for the two decks in one unit or to add FX.


Nice try. I don’t think they’ll let the cat out of the bag just now.


Keep a few features for future releases. Keeps Denon DJ busy in collecting feedback an finalize them, so they’ll hopfully work in the booth and not the DJ is the beta-tester. :wink:

Yeah, tough call… I really love the screen and it’s functionality, but I also love the little attention-to-detail features like the power loss protection and the fact that the key step-changes when pitch shifting (if the track is not keylocked). I also think a massive win is the ability to quickly analyse track data on the fly and save it, as well as general settings to a portable storage device to take to your next gig.


So far I’ve only seen video highlights. Looking forward to seeing it in the showroom.

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I don’t see it as bashing. Moreover an A to B comparison.

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(Muffled) “MMMooooooeeewwww”

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No Laptop required and the ability to analyse straight from the usb stick


100% agree. The little things really add up. As you alluded to, the key step-changes via pitch shifting is forward-thinking AF.

I love the fact that it analizes the files, but they are analized in second plane or you have to load it ? I also like very much the screen, will work fine outside in a sunny day? I love the cue buttons flash in the same color that the layer.

Well written observations I’d say - and I love the idea you have of 1 track on Layer ‘B’ with lots of different ‘samples’ triggered with the 8 hot-cues - very cool man!

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The unit analyses a (non Engine Prime prepared) track in the background, but the track loaded can be played literally within half a second. The multicore processor does the BPM, beatgrid, musical key and track artwork calculations and returns the graphical results in a matter of a few seconds (don’t ask for an exact number there, development is still been fine tuned and improvements happening all the time)

The dual layer is a huge plus, especially if youre into layering loops, acapellas, one shot fx and the like. I’m also a big fan of the slicer functions. Having the eight pads laid out in the 1x8 grid allows easy placement of your eight fingers across them which makes quick beat mangling a cinch.

Okay, replying to my own question, but I cant wait to get my hands on a pair either (of SC5000 Primes, that is).

The shear processor speed allowing in-deck analysis of Beat Grids, even letting the track play whilst it’s doing it…Classy!

No lappy required ! That’s a great step in the right direction.

The screen… I love the way that theres no lag or issues with the waveform struggling to keep up with beat juggling or even just Hot Cue drumming. The multi-touch gesture control and the on-screen QWERTY keyboard for searching. Including all the filters which you can apply such as “Within my Happy BPM shifting range”, “Exact or compatible music keys” etc.

The Dual layer - I’ve had that feature on previous Denon Decks - eg: DN-S5000, DN-D9000 with their Alpha track… but that was CD, this is obviously digital files.

The Centre platter display of album art, or DJ logo, and also loop/beat jump numbers are shown on that display, together with the rotation marker… all in glorious colour.

Love the Roll/slicer options and the way the display keeps track of BOTH the actual place in the track (as usual), AND shows where the roll/slice effect is within the track. Tricky to explain how it does it…but imagine the waveform as Mountains above, reflected upside down in a lake below…the reflection, below the line, carries on scrolling across with the playing track, where the mountains scroll across and back as you utilise the Slicer and Roll.

Given the recent news stories of club performing DJs getting their USB sticks stolen mid-set, I like both the out-of-the-way positioning of the 3 USB ports… and the briefly mentioned feature where, if the USB stick is pulled out of the player part way through a playing track, playback continues right to the very very end of the track, as if the usb stick was still there !

And Dual layer… My word, The possibilities !

Would have to be bringing back the two tracks at once like the old 5000’s