What's up from Pittsburgh

What’s up folk, new into the whole dj game thing. Always had a true love for music and djing. Into basically every kind you can think of but really started getting into edm. Anywhere from metal, to country, to hip hop. Lol.

Finally after getting my career started and had the funds to actually get into it I did. Wow, is it a blast even if it’s just at home and for a few friends. Came to me quite easy for had a pretty decent back round in drums and making hip hop beats as a kid. I’m just not well rounded in the technical aspects of computers and equipment and such. I’m learning and that’s all I can do. Hopefully I can learn a lot from some of yinz and seem to already be doing that. Thanks.

Yeah with today’s technology, pricing and a real job making real money it’s sooooo much easier getting into this stuff than it was 40 years ago (I know, I am an old geezer) as a struggling 14-year old teen without a paper route or well-off parents :sunglasses:

Since I am not sure about the posting guidelines on this, I won’t throw it in open forum, but drop me a PM and I can point you in the direction of a really good online course site for DJ’s and starting DJ/Producers.

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