What safe way to upgrade firmware?

Since in a few days I will be given my PRIME 4, and a firmware update will certainly be necessary, I would have a question that has not been answered in the forum. I have read the documentation on how to update firmware, but my question is different. I wanted to ask you based on your experience of using PRIME 4: What is the safest way to upgrade to PRIME 4: via USB CABLE & PC or via USB stick? I ask this because I read that some have had console malfunction after upgrading to version 1.4.1 and I would not run into the same problem.

Personally, I always use a USB-flashdrive. The reason is simple; it doesn’t reset my settings. Preferably use a well-known brand like SanDisk.

However, with both methods, update still could go wrong, but I havent experienced it myself.

Instead, using a PC connected to the PRIME 4 with USB cable, does it cause the settings to be reset?

With a SC5000 it still does, yes.

I think it’s still the same on Prime4. I could test here on a Prime2 unit.

As no one else replied, I think it may be better to upgrade with a USB stick. My concern was related to the recent display lock issues on the left jog and I didn’t want it to be dependent on one method or another method of firmware update.

I personally always use the computer but my main advice is to read the instructions first, not once, not twice but several times so you are sure to do the right things. Here is a video how to do it with a USB-stick on the 5000 but is the same on P4. Always put the update in the root.

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