What is your filter settings?

As topic says, what is your preference for filter setting and why?

I can’t recall what I have my setting on but when I adjusted it, for me, it was important that I didn’t hear any artificial noise (that sweep or famous filter effect sound). I use my filters a lot in my transitions and for that reason I wanted a clean cut of the frequencies instead. Hope this makes sense.

There are times where I prefer to have it sound opposite of what I have now but those times were less than my normal workflow so I keep it where I use it most.

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Do you use the beat fx for filter as well? To get the classic filter? Or you dont use that?

Hardly ever use the one from there. I like to control my timing on my own.

I change the filter settings for pretty much each track that I use the filter on, and depending on what sort of filter effects or transition that I’m going for - I’d hate to think that I’d home in on 27% left or 57 right

How do you do that? Do you keep having the settings open?