What is the usual delay to get an answer for a service ticket?

So, since the beginning of all this, I’ve been through 4 x1850 mixer…. The first three all had bad filter pots within few weeks. Now this fourth one is starting to act up on the channel faders. Sometimes the volume will drop by itself, or if the fader curve is at the hardest the volume will just cut.

Bad news is, it’s out of warranty… and I have a ticket opened for service. It’s been opened for 16 days.

Are those delay normal? What’s your experience with customer service? I am honnestly thinking into getting a Pioneer mixer and not look back… it’s really sad because the Denon mixer is great, WHEN IT WORKS!

Usually less than a couple days. Log in to the service website in your ticket email and shoot em a message during business hours via the chat button.