What is the maximum size sd card

Is there a limit on what size sd card the sc5000 can read without any issues?

I think it is more a question of the type of SD card. I believe SDXC cards have a theoretical maximum of 2TB, but the biggest one currently available is 1TB (was a prototype late 2016, not sure if ever released for sale).

According to the Prime specs, both SD and SDHC are supported.The maximum capacity for SDHC is 32GB (source: SD Association). 32GB should not be a problem for a system that supports HDs of 1TB+.

That question was already posted. http://www.denondjforum.com/t/sdxc-memory-card-question/3517

From the info so far, compatibility with cards over 32GB is there, just not advertised because of licencing issues (read: money).

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Makes sense. If SDXC is supported that means you can currently go to 512GB (Sandisk). Although at close to 350 bucks I wonder why you would … just me though :slight_smile:

I use 128gb sad cards with no problem