What is the easiest way to move your library from one computer to another

I’m going to get a new computer in the next few months and I’m trying to figure out the easiest way to move my engine library from my current computer to the soon to be new one. I’m mainly concerned with playlists be transferred over since I spent a lot of time sorting my entire library. Cues, loops etc are not a priority for me. I also have my sorted library on a SD card in my SC5000ms already if that somehow helps with this.

From what I understand there is no way to do it just using engine without doing a complete rebuild, so I’m fine with using a third party solution (lexicon, Mixo, other DJ software etc) even if it costs more. I just want it to be as smooth as possible, although the current posts regarding moving music between machines don’t give me much hope.

I was thinking:

  1. Sign up for lexicon/mixo and import my engine library on my old computer
  2. Move my music it my new computer
  3. Install lexicon/mixo on my new computer and use it to locate the files
  4. Export it back to engine on my new computer

Does this process seem right? Or am I missing something? Any input and other solutions is appreciated.

Ok how and where is your library is it within the likes of itunes or in a dedicated folder

It’s in a dedicated folder. While I use iTunes elsewhere, I don’t have it synced with engine so one isn’t dependent on the other.

Ok in “theory” copy THAT folder onto you new drive. If you only work within that on folder then everything is there. Engine will only look at the folder it doesnt look backwards to drive letter ( from my understanding and experience). If you copy it to an external drive then it should “future proof” it in case you need to change pc in future

Cool thanks. When I get around to getting my new computer I’ll circle back and let you know what happens. Hopefully it will work and provide some help for other users in similar situations.

Or you could if feasable use your existing hard drive as an external in a caddy and then try say sync to new drive (wouldnt recommend that but its an option) If you use existing drive just delete everything else and use it as a library disk

I have the same situation coming up. New computer arriving this week…and using this new computer as my main system for transfering music onto my Prime 4’s ssd through Engine DJ. I thought is would be relatively simple to transfer my music database and Engine DJ files to the new computer. Wouldn’t I just copy my music database (all my MP’s) from my current computer and paste them onto an external ssd drive. Then copy the Engine DJ folders that are on my current computer and automatically created by the software and paste them over the Engine DJ folders that will be created on the new computer. That is what I was intending on doing…anyone know why that may not work or is there another method that has to be used?

I did this recently. As a professional IT guy, some of the steps I took might be outside the capabilities of some users so a different approach might be necessary. The key to a successful migration is to ensure your music files are stored in exactly the same way on the new machine as the old I.e. in the same directory structure. I installed Engine DJ on the new system, I then copied across my music files from the old machine onto the new machine into the same directory structure, using a network cable between the two machines (if laptops, ensure old and new are on same Wi-Fi network), I then copied the old machine Engine Dj directories over the top of the new machine’s Engine DJ directories and loaded Engine Dj with no issues. Using this approach, I had to set appropriate permissions etc. to ensure the new machine could connect to the old machine and see the appropriate directories.

Another way to accomplish this is to use an external drive as a staging area for temporary storage whilst moving the files across between machines.

Another approach for those capable, is to mount the old machine hard drive as an external drive to the new using an external caddy ‘ interface and then copy across the music files and engine Dj database directories.

I have found the easiest approach to ensure an easy transition in the future, is to store your music files either on an additional drive mounted in your machine or alternatively on an external drive, the drive letter I allocate is M: (for media). When I need to change to a new machine I just mount the music drive to the new machine and ensure that the drive letter is allocated as M:. I then just copy across the Engine Dj database directories from the old machine to the new and everything matches and comes up fine.

So there are various approaches but key to all, as above, is to maintain the directory structure between old and new.