What is the best method to record a set on the Prime 4?

Hello Everyone -

I’m curious how you all are recording your sets with the prime 4. SD card? Internal hard drive? Directly to your DAW?

I used to be able to record directly to my USB in V1.3 however, I think the update to V1.4 disallowed this and I get an error saying that the USB is too slow to record too. I’ve picked up an SD card and realized that the type of SD does not work and rather its a Multi Media card that is readable. I have yet to pick one of these up (I used one from an old camera to test).

I would like to be able to turn the Prime 4 on, hit record, and easily get that recorded audio. I don’t know how to record to a laptop but I think it can be done. Let me know.

Record to usb flash drive is best, rather than all the crud that could get in the way of laptop recording. You just need to use a reallly high speed, high quality (higher priced) usb flash - Sandisk ultra seems to work ok for most on the forum

Awesome thank you.

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