What is so hard about pre- release support? Asking for a future friend (Prime go)

I was about to buy a “prime go” because the concept seems super nice! I saw that there is no single “channel vu meter” and no “turn off crossfader” !?

I said to myself: "Ok, that’s easy to fix via firmware :slight_smile:

I looked up these forums! And actually there is a thread about this matter from “2020” and guess what?

  • Not a single official reply… no mods…nothing done about it, even as it seems a popular request of the community. After browsing through the forums I see many things like some firmware 2.0 issues with as well : no replys.

So long story short: I came over to Denon form NI, Pioneer … because I was not satisfied with their simply non existent support.

Dear Denon, you gave me the DR-M34HR - enabling me to take my first steps into the HIFI world (still working btw) So please don’t be like the others! Just don’t. . .at least reply at your own forums making ppl feel like customers - even if the answer is no we won’t ever add such a basic feature!


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Hey @babba Thanks for the inquiry and completely understand. For feature requests related to Engine DJ or Denon DJ it’s always good to use the Feature Requests section of the site. There users can now vote on features they’d like to see implemented. Our team does regularly check the forums and may not have immediate answers but we’re always happy to help answer any questions.

If you have any direct questions you’d like for us to help with, feel free to DM me anytime.

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I treated myself to the Go before Christmas, i’m pretty sure there is an option to disable the crossfader although it’s not well documented, however i would have to confirm tonight when i get home tonight.

I haven’t actually used my gear in quite some time due to trying to finish off a house extension so my memory is a bit foggy.

So i just got home and checked my Prime Go which is currently running Engine Version 2.0.0, the crossfader can be switched off in the option.

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Acctually its under the “Feature Requests” section since Jul '20 and a new request from 2021 still no reaction. I guess it won’t be addedif it’s not there after two years…

So saddly I can’t buy the unit without both channels vu meter instead of just master. No go.

To turn off the crossfader is definitely possible since years. Please check this tutorial.

Indeed but I was refering to the vu meter which seems to be ignored as it is a popular request for some time.

And as it seems I stay with pioneer rx3. Saddly no prime go for me - because I need channel vu and that there is still no offical reaction at all on the forum posts or requests about channel meter (not even via firmware uodate) shows the support level = zero!

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Support is there, it is just not a performance breaking feature, that needs to be there immediately. Many dj mixers had only master out meters and it was normal to dj on them. No one cried about it…

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Since november there has been 3 firmware updates and 2 engine updates. There are numerous problems on here people have that are marked as solved. There is also a requests section (mmmmmmm sits on fence there) and many other users on here to work a problem through. A bunch of flashy lights though probably isnt top of the egenda at the moment

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