What is going on with my jog wheel?

Adjusts to my style? That might explain some of the issues I’m experiencing. Is it changing its jog bend rotational response, sensitivity, and/or curve over time? It seems unpredictable in its performance. At first it appeared to be very fine/insensitive at low velocities and felt gentle and purely velocity-based. Over time it has appeared that the reverse and forward bends are not always the same response, the jog has become overly sensitive at the smallest velocities, seems occasionally acceleration-based, and the curve shape seems to be changing. There were a few moments it almost seemed like the SC5000 was trying to cheat and automatically make it easier to align tracks and harder to misalign tracks, which I sometimes do intentionally to check my blends. Is the track analysis and beatkeeping stuff also being used besides what I do to change the jog performance? What among this is just my imagination and what did I actually correctly pick up on? I had heard the capacitive touch was automatically calibrating (which I’ve found is inferior to manual adjusting ones), but never considered there might be some “deep learning” algorithmic goofiness to the rest of the platter response.

While this is more minor than the above mentioned inquiry, listening back to a mix recorded two nights ago I also hear occasionally that keylock is sometimes not present in jog bend and I can hear a pitch wow effect when bending slightly even though keylock is engaged. Doesn’t seem to happen for any particular consistent reason.

Hmm… Plugging headphone into the mixer with everything going into an ungrounded outlet sometimes causes touch to trigger for a split second.

FWIW, Gemini jog bend setting 2 out of 5 closest to sc5000. I prefer less sensitive 3 and 4.

I have noticed with my SC5k’s that if I am in an ungrounded outlet and I place fingers on the platter in vinyl mode; the touch response continuously turns on and off really fast. This is what is probably causing inconsistent results

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Hey guys, 2 things - There’s no special sauce involved in nudging. It shouldn’t change over time or adjust to any behavior. Could you describe a bit more about the forward and reverse bends not being the same?

Without a ground reference, the platters WILL behave unexpectedly. This is the nature of capacitance sensing platters. The SC5000s are designed to be run in a properly grounded outlet - improperly lifting a ground is something that should be avoided.

Wow, thanks so much for responding, AIRVince

Currently, the forward bend is 2X the rearward bend for a given velocity, making it sort of unpredictable and in particular too sensitive in the forward.

FWIW, when mixing with vinyl it takes more effort & motion to speed a record up than to slow it down, so the current way is not only awkward and counter-intuitive compared to other jogs from all other brands that have it the same sensitivity in both directions, even if you wanted the bend asymmetric like this, its asymmetric the wrong way if you were trying to feel like vinyl.

Please make it adjustable under utility/preferences in the new firmware coming out to be independently adjustable in forward and backward, with like the default setting as 1 out of 3 for rearward and 3 out of 3 for forward so Oakenfold or Laidback Luke can still have it as it currently is. I think most people would instead set it as 1 or 2, and the same for both directions.

Thanks for your time.

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