What do you think of a second version of the MCX8000?

In my opinion they should make a second version of this controller because the functionality that I like the most is to work independently and as a serato controller simultaneously which facilitates the exchange of DJs, this functionality I have not seen in the prime (if there is please clarify the doubt) and it is essential for many, the other thing that I like and I think many appreciate is that the transition to the sc 5000 / m or 6000 / m series is easier because of its shape (except mirror decks) that appears to be two independent cdj with a mixer, I think that a current version that is closer in terms of what appears on the screen and configuration of the controls to this configuration would be well received of course bringing back the functionality independently and controller simultaneous and more powerful hardware, What do you think?

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I think it would be easier to bring Serato integration to the entire Prime series than it is to come up with a new MCX8000. Frankly, I doubt there will be an MCX8000 mk2 in the future. But then that is just me.

Yes, but the prime series does not have the characteristic of working independently and as a controller simultaneously as if the 8000 does something very useful for switching between djs, and the central screen is not the way it works when you have the 5000 or 6000 or some cdj

Not sure what you are aiming at. The P4 with current Serato support is both independent (3 or 4 USB sticks AND an SD card AND a built-in HDD/SDD seems like plenty of options to have up to 6!!! DJs switching and Serato supported.

I would 1000% of the time pick the high resolution single screen of the P4 over the two minimal (in comparison) screens of the MCX8000 (I owned one and now have the P4, so I CAN compare), regardless of how the Serato screens would look if you were to transition to 2x 5000s/6000s with a mixer.

Frankly, to be an effective DJ, it is VERY useful to learn how to play on whatever gear is in front of you. Even if you did have a unit that resembles 2x CDJ like Prime players with mixers in a single controller configuration, it would still look different if you were to play somewhere where they have Pioneer gear or something else.

Imho, the solution for transitioning to other gear is not to have similar gear at home, but to make sure you get to play on as much different gear as you possibly can, from standard vinyl (if you like) on two turntables with a mixer, to full Prime and NXS2 setups, but also various controllers, maybe older CD players with simpler mixers and even on your phone or tablet with no controller. If you can play on all of those, making use of what is there without being hampered (too much) by what is not there (like cue buttons, sync, etc.), you will never be caught off-guard.

Trust me, after almost 45 years on the decks I think I have earned the right to say that gear does not a DJ make. Hardware should be at the bottom end of things to worry about being a DJ. If you can reach that point, you can make a party happen any place, anytime, with nothing more than two buckets and the kitchen sink.

My three cents as usual. Keep on spinning!

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In prime to go from serato to independent mode and vice versa you have to restart the device something that in the mcx8000 does not happen even if the 4 channels are for serato with changing the switch to the engine position and the problem of a dj change is solved and laptop without stopping the music, of course to clarify that a new version would be without the mirror mode and 6-inch screens something like that, not everyone can play with several teams much less in my country so teaching is something more viable and so if somebody else changes the equipment at the moment you will not notice almost the difference, of course the hardware does not make the DJ but if the transition from one team to another is softer a DJ that just starts may feel more comfortable when arriving at a where there are different teams, this is something that pioneer knows very well and that is why it tries to make the distribution of its equipment similar in all ranges, it is very valid that you like a single screen in the center and that you do not need that change io fast from serato autonomously but the market is very wide and the needs too, in fact if you look in the forum you will see that many prefer the mcx8000 just for that functionality of changing DJs and if you look at the market you will see that many prefer 2 screens for whatever reason, many more still buy the MCX8000 either for any of these reasons or any other, the point is that there is room for an improved version of the mcx8000 of course already with engine prime larger screens and without mirror mode between other things including fast switching between autonomous mode and controller, I love Prime 4 but an MCX like the one I describe would be my choice if it existed


Love those three cents. I’ve been Dj’ing for 35 and I have your same opinion. I’ve been from belt drive TT’s to SL1200, to Pioneer CDJ’s to Controllers and what so ever. You have to push it to make the best with what you have on hand. MCX8000 is great as it is, all it needs is some little fix here and there that I will not bring to this posting and by the way it looks Denon Team is working on it (Firmware update). I love mine, use it with VDJ, Serato and Engine; VDJ for Video, Serato to jam with other Serato users and Engine when playing with other dj’s with no laptop set up.

Anything they make now, it’s sensible assumed to be standalone first and foremost, with a tiny optional almost joke feature of - oh yeah, and it throws commands at midi DJ softwares too.

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I use my MCX8000 with VDJ for events that need video that is what I do the most and engine or independent mode the rest of the time, I am only for cue points and analysis since I can then import both VDJ and engine and the mcx has behaved excellent so far a great controller that deserves a second chance on the other hand with MIDI 2.0 now available, new equipment could come out with incredible features, who knows if Denon surprises us and tomorrow he gets an update for the prime that says MIDI 2.0 features available …, already happened with the wifi

As stated above, the MCX8000 is unique in the fact it offers “hot switching” between MIDI and standalone.

It’s a breeze to swap between VDJ and standalone and it’s even deck specific. Add to that the fantastic sound output and mic channels and it’s one of the best controllers out there.

I guess Prime 4 is the direct replacement for it, however having to reboot the unit to change source is a major drawback and one of the main reasons I wouldn’t buy it. Add to that the lack of VDJ support due to the incomplete SDK (which Denon won’t comment on) and the high price it still leaves the MCX as a very capable unit.

I would doub t they would replace it with a new model but the Prime 4 isn’t it for me.

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Mic channels at least as good as the MCX as is the soundcard. The hot switch I guess is something you would indeed miss if you insist on using a standalone unit with DJ software (not judging, just concluding).

And if that is a dealbreaker for you, then staying with the MCX is the right choice. I personally couldn’t wait to get away from cumbersome laptops and DJ software, so it was never an issue.

As for the high price, it is very high indeed if you intend to use the unit solely as a glorified midi controller for DJ software. That would be a bit like getting an intel i9 powerhouse PC so you can use it to run a remote desktop option.

Guess we will have to wait and see. Perhaps Denon will come out with an MCX mk2 and/or they will find a a way around the hot switching issue on the P4.

As always, interesting times.

The reason I use VDJ so much is that most of my gigs are video.

Be nice if a future controller could support video files with HDMI out. That would totally eliminate the need for laptops altogether.

Saying that, I feel a lot of the problems people have with laptops is not understanding how they work, not maintaining them etc.

Having a laptop go down is just as bad as switching on your Prime 4 to a corrupted database.

Nothing is totally redundant unfortunately.

Well said.

I’m the same

Friday night gig - audio only (sc5000m and x1800 used)

Saturday night gig - Videos (95%) controller and laptop used

Use the right tool for the right job…simples.


I am ashamed to admit I keep forgetting about you video jocks :-D. My sincere apologies. Yep, video in the mix makes for totally different needs in a controller. I can see that.

Actually I seem to recall that the MC6000 had some video options (not by way of outputs, but a button to switch between audio and video mixing?


Was just a button to select audio or video crossfader in midi

At least they thought about people doing video mixing, no?

In a way they did for Serato Video, but it was actually more of hassle for me then. Ie the Dual Crossfader stuff

VDJ has a “smart” video crossfader so sort of rendered the button useless for me. But a good idea nonetheless