What are you up to?

Another library clean up day on the hottest weekend ever recorded on this isle…it was a scorching 29 degrees Celsius yesterday!

I’m doing a full analysis on the desktop 24 threads

What you up to?

Todays Tip

Some characters that are allowed on MacOS are illegal on Windows.

Learnt this when I started this job…noticed I had like 1000 fewer tracks on my windows machine compared to the mac. Then the tracks also showed up as missing in the library.

not only file names, but folder names…Beyoncé was the first culprit…where would i be without crazy in love.


It’s tag cleanup day for me. Going through my library fixing multiple cover arts, mis-spellings, ratings, etcetera. Been getting more house gigs lately and it’s the most neglected genre in my library

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Well, we had 32 degrees Celsius today in South Limburg (the down under of the Netherlands). I helped my brother in law improving his car audio system, now time to chill with a good drink in hand. Maybe I will record a new set on primes :slight_smile:


Busy day for me, playing tunes, riding my bike and now watching the Ice Age films. Today has been a good day


That’s what I did, too. I’m glad we finally got some sunny weather. The last weeks have been terrible here (constant rain & a huge flooding).

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Here too, and Belgium was not better also…

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Hope you were not personally affected by that!


Hope you and yours are alright. Saw it on the news.

By the time i was finished with washing the garden and removing those damn weeds between the tiles i was pretty knackered.

Karcher FTW…

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We live in the upper part of the valley, so the flood did not reach our home. The company I work for got damaged pretty badly, though. Might need to do some pressure washing tomorrow, too.

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Luckily the closest wave was 4km away from my house. Flooded only part of the highway and some green areas.

I was driving that road the same day 2 hours before this happened. The rain was so intense, that wipers could not keep up and everyone was driving max 60km/h

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Gave the PA a rinsing as well. They have been in storage for a hot minute.

Tunes and Power washing


You have the bases to my tops xDD

They are damn good. I would buy this, too … but then a friend of me said … comon over … I have som good blueprints xDDD

And so I build some hybrid bass speaker systems … and they are hell ! they are so damn small - but beasty … Some asked me on a gig where the hell the bass came from.

As I showed him the little speakers, he said, “no way” xDDD


Nice. I wanted something smallish that’s why I went with the EKX 15 subs. They fit easily on the back seat.

If a gig requires more than this … I’m renting lol.

2 subs 2 tops covers most of the few mobile gigs I do.

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Yes. That´s how my PA is also. I have 4 of the hybrid basses. 1 of them could be think as a half W-Bin. When you stack 2 of them you have the full W-Bin … and this you can do on each side. Or in center mode - the second pair above the other. But you can also stand them normal … then they act like a bass slide. Thats why I like my hybrids. 500W RMS each. (is not much … but its enough for the most parties xDD)

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Are these bins powered?

Passive. I have an amp rack for these. 2400W Amp for the bass and 1200W Amp for the tops. But only the bass amp is a real iron-horse :slight_smile: For the tops I use a digital amp. I also looked for amp modules, but they are so expensive, and I also have not much space to sit them in. So passive is the best way for me. But I also have a little party PA with an amp module in the bass. so if I do little gigs … like birthday or weddings I - I normal use this system. The tops I can use at both audio systems.

I had my outdoor laser tag business going into full swing. For the past week I held a tournament at Darlington provincial park and saw the biggest spectating crowd in a long time.

I’m glad I invested in this and I’m the only one in my country to have a proper outdoor gaming setup.

On Monday I get to start playing music again. I can’t wait to add music to the games.


Recovering from surgery I had in my knee yesterday. Managed to have a mix whilst standing on one leg and crutches (pain meds buzz was unique). Will play it back later to hear how wobbly it is.

Will test my wife’s patience today whilst playing the wounded soldier :slight_smile:

Speedy recovery!

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Thanks !! No biking or training (karate) for 2 months :frowning: but I still have my music :slight_smile: