Welp, it's BRICKED

My screens are stuck at the Denon logo. No audio from Serato or Engine modes. Service center says it’s the main board, which is $479 (not including shipping, labor, etc). The unit was always buggy, but after the last firmware update it really just died… I’ve looked at every possible thread about resetting the firmware, etc. Nothing works. I’m really let down after taking a chance on Denon gear and really believing in the value that they are offering compared to a brand like Pioneer.

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Hi @DJBenjaminJay,

Sorry to hear your unit is having a hardware issue. The MCX8000 offers a 3-year manufactures warranty from the purchase date. How long have you owned the unit for?

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My order confirmation from Amazon was in March of 2016 :frowning:

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I just recently had my Numark NVII crash more or less the same way. The mother board is done and I ended purchasing this new controller MCX 8000. I will check to get it repaired and sell it.

Cheers hope everything works out somehow.