Welcome Sample Pack - First 500 registered

As right in this moment the first 500 registered claimed “Basic Level” Badge

  • the question comes up: when will the Sample Pack be handed out?

  • When will be the lucky Winner will be announced?


Hello, Thanks for joining :slight_smile:

As long as you have introduced yourself in our Introduction Area we will reach out shortly with your download.

The grand prize will be awarded when we hit 500 or 30 days whichever comes first.

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Ithanks denon from dj angel

Never received mine, m sure i am one of the first 500

also recieved nothing yet and im quite sure also to be in the first 500 which have introduced themselve.

Don’t forget to introduce your self in the intro zone :slight_smile: Sorry If I have missed it.

Sent this over In your PM for you :slight_smile:

thanks for getting back to me, I am club Dj playing in Cambridge. Holla everyone

Just join in look forward to expanding my Denon experience. Thanks Toad on the turntables or platters of MCX 8000

Did my log in count? For the sign up

Hello there were is my pack :sob: send my download link please ?

Hello Dj Tajay from Manchester, CT happy to be here…

thanks Sbangs

I got the loop music package and the files work great.

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I havent recieved anything and also was one of the first 500…

hello everyone, newbie here. Just joined up today, excited to become more involved here. I look forward to getting to know my fellow DJ"s! Keep them cutz bleedin! sureshot