We came a long way! Glad it all changed

I remember using this software when I had the hs5500. We came a long way back then there support team wasn’t strong enough to push forward. Now it looks pretty good hope to see good things happen in the future

Ah yes, the HS5500 (the HD2500 in a tabletop unit) used Music Manager Software.

Whilst Music Manager was basic by todays standards, it should be borne in mind that, back then, professional media players were only just starting to appear, in the shape of the Denon DN-HD2500, and the Numark Director D2

Oh yeah remember the numark d2 had that unit too. But it all started with the cortex hDc-1000. Am happy now that denon has a good support team. See good things happening that’s why am joining the team again. Even doe my partners going to be ■■■■. I will slowly convert them