Waveform on Prime 4+ is jerky

Hello… The waveforms on my brand new Prime 4+ are jerky…. ( Firmware 3.4). The problem is there 3 to 4 times a minute.

No WLAN or Bluetooth is active. I only played 2 tracks in parallel… I tried a former firmware … 3.2 … with the same result…

Does anyone have the same problem

Hey @D4Pro

It’s a known issue with Engine OS. From the posts I’ve seen, the team are aware and are (hopefully) going to tackle it in the future.

It’s purely cosmetic and while is mildly annoying, it won’t hurt.

Hope that helps.

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Most of the Pioneer waveforms freeze 10 times per second. :sunglasses:


Yep - that’s right - the audio is unaffected - trust your ears, your eyes can deceive you

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Hello everyone… Thank you for your answers… Are you speaking from experience? Do you have a Prime4+ with the same “problem”?

I trust you and hope for improvement with the next updates :sunglasses:

All Engine OS devices show similar, but will be improved/resolved.

Maybe next… maybe some subsequent release instead though.

If it was an audible skip then, sure, I’d expect a really prompt fix.

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I’ve had my Prime 4 a few years now and this has been an issue from the start. I don’t look for it to be resolved any time soon as I.ve talked about before, the developer keeps adding new features to an unstable product

What do you mean by ‘unstable’? It’s a purely cosmetic visual thing that has zero impact on the ability to mix music.


The same issues that were present when I got my Prine 4 have never been fixed. from the wave form not running smoothly, hard drive not ejecting, files keep moving, ex. I have categories 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, open software and 40 tracks from the 70’s are now mixed into the 50’s, after removing the tracks the next time it’s open it may have 1000 tracks from the 90’s mixed into the 2020’s this is on going maybe fine for a few weeks than the next 5 times it’s opened that happens. No new files were added at any time while this goes go. Software locks up and must be restarted, Effects on the controller lock up, when rotating the dial the effects won’t change. I could keep going but most issues have be from day one and have never been addressed in any updates. New features keep be added to an unstable platform.

And yet I’ve been using my Prime 2 as a gig workhorse for well over 2yrs now with basically zero software issues. No lags, no freeze up, no library moving tracks around, no such problems.

Perhaps you should create some videos of the issues and raise them as defects in the forum so people can see it and attempt to help.


Your experience sounds like a nightmare, DJ nightmre, I can imagine your pain, but for me, fortunately, I have had no such experiences. The jerky waveform, yes, but I only notice it in a blue moon. It does not affect the music, beat matching or anything else for me. Folks have raised the jerky waveform from the beginning, but given my experiences, I am more than happy, in fact ecstatic, to have received the updates over the years, which has turned the unit into an even greater powerhouse. It’s only since 3.4 where I had a slight, but temporary, feeling of being left behind/dated and that the P4 has run aground due to older tech; hey, it had to happen someday, like everything else in life.

I can’t assist with any solutions to your problem but hope someone can, as, getting to the root of our dj business, if one’s music is messed up, that is a serious and extremely frustrating problem.