Waveform In Track Overview not showing up on Screen + Another Issue

Problem 1. I noticed this issue when updating to 2.3.1. I analyze my tracks in Serato, import them into Engine DJ and then analyze those tracks to import the Serato info. As you can see below the waveform is on the SC6000, but the track overview is missing even though it shows my hot cues. I have reanalyzed with Engine algorithm but it still will not show the track overview.

Does anyone know what can be causing this?

Problem 2. I have some songs that show red on Engine OS (SC6000) as if the track is missing. However, in Engine DJ you can see the song is NOT missing. Why would it do that? I never had these issues before. Bizarre behavior.

If anyone can point me in the right direction that would be great. This is driving me nuts.

It’s the Beyoncé e letter probably causing this.

Check the file name.

The bug is known. Engine desktop shows the Beyoncé correctly but Engine OS is showing them as red

Could be database related.

I will try this now. EDIT: I just noticed that some tracks with an accent still works.

I forgot to mention that I deleted the database and did a rebuild. Is that the way to do it or should I be resetting the database another way?

Check the file name itself. Not the ID tags

Beyoncé - Crazy In Love.mp3

Yes that’s how to do it.

@mufasa Okay I went through and stripped all accent letters and that fixed the track appearing as mixing. Also, originally I rebuilt the database only on my computer but not on my USB drive. After I did both it solved the issue with the track overview not populating the waveform. All is good. Thanks again for your help.

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