Wash fx on SC4

so I have previously owned a prime 4 and a prime go, and realized that on the SC4, the wash effect does not sound the same as the other units I have owned, its just a like a second echo now?

I have noticed the same thing, the tail of the effect is much shorter than in the x1800 mixer. it does’nt sound good

I come from 1210 / allen&heath db:2 and Traktor s 7 and later a Traktor Kontrol s4 mk3 . I get the sc live to get rid of my computer and to get track compilation which I can use easy on club setup… before I start to rant , let me say the sc live 4 sounds amazing … I owned 2 xdj 1000 couple of years ago , with an pioneer mixer , but it sounds , compared to Traktor sound really crap , this was the main reason I never established a pion

A pioneer setup for me at home… but the wash effect is totally unusable in the way it was made for , the delay is way to short , I just use it as an delay effect in transitions but not to complete wash out a track … I can not imagine, this is new for the d