Wanted:Denon S3900.....

Man…someone here has to know. Where can i get a pair of DN S3900? I know they are discontinued…but ive looked everywhere online. Has to be some on the earth somewhere. Maybe deadstock? Just traded my old cdjs for some DN S3700 Few days ago. Love em. Want the s3900.

Go to Ebay…If they don’t have any listed, put them on a watch list and once someone posts any, you will be notified…That;s how I got mine…

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Sell Me Yours Roscoe Lol. Seriously Tho…I See The DN S3700 Evetywhere. 3900 No Where. I Doubt The 3900 Is THAT Much Better Then The 3700. Just Got The 3700 Last Week. Love It.

I’m currently selling my 3500s in a package on eBay and they have been unsold for three weeks now. If they was 3900s there would be no problem getting rid of them!

I Was Just Now Reading About The 3500s. They Had A Heat Issue From What I Read. The 3700s Seem Wow…Nice. i Wonder If The 3900 Is THAT Much Better. I Like The Button Placements In The 3700 Over The 3900. Denon Discontinue Their Stuff Wayyyy To Fast IMO…

[quote=“RodSMFunk, post:5, topic:7947, full:true”] I Was Just Now Reading About The 3500s. They Had A Heat Issue From What I Read.[/quote] And from what I recall, many were attributed to people putting them in road cases with tight fitting foam that din’t allow proper ventilation.

Hopefully this link still works. You’ll have to use a translator if you can’t read it.


Hey Rod where are you located? I’m in NY I was just thinking tonight about letting my babies go. Email me angelxavier@aol.com I can send you pictures of my set up. Quick question guys I am or was a denon member seen the HC4500 era… denon wouldn’t let me log in with my old username and password. I had to created a new account and is not letting me upload pictures.

Hey man, looks like I’m a year late to this post but are you still looking for a pair of SC3900’s? I have 2 brand new ones in the box. No joke. Lemme know!

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I would love to take those off your hands if you don’t use them. What are are you located in?

Alpine, Wyoming

how are they “brand new” did you buy them 10 years ago new & never opened them / used them ? please explain thanks

I bought them brand new maybe 2014/15??..■■■■, maybe earlier than that but at the time there were very few left on the net at any stores. I tried to get them to work with Traktor, couldn’t get them to jive so they got packed up and been sitting, never used em or played other than trying various processes and procedures to work with Traktor which was a fail. So they’re “open box” you could say but virtually unused. I rrreally wanted em to work for my sitch cuz they’re such cool units. Pretty lame they never caught on commercially.

So weird. ,I loved these to. Still think they are the coolest looking players maybe. I bought the 3700 sometime after my post. I can snap a pic of them and post it. Sitting right in front of me. HAVE NEVER USED THEM since I got em. Turn them on to play around in my room less then 4 times maybe. Cant believe I did that. For some reason I can’t sell them. I think I want them for showing off purposes I dunno. It just misses with a few things it can’t do. Cue point thing is one. Hard and all over the place with cue points. I have the blue vinyls also and demon matching mixer sitting here.

I think that was because (IMO) they were a step backwards from the HS5500 players.

OK they had bigger platters, but everything else went retro.

The screen was a downgrade to the sort of thing an old CDJ would have. Hardly suitable for browsing a music collection. No internal HDD option. No dual layers. No onboard FX.

Denon have only now caught up and issued something akin to a HS5500 mkII.

If any of you Guys (In The UK Only) wanna buy a pair of Denon SC 3900’s complete with original boxes cables etc, and flight cased in Swanflight cases with feet. With firmware flashed to 1168. Please P.M. me these Bad Boys are in MINT CONDITION, less than 20 hours total usage

Kind Regards The Woodster

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Anybody still got the brand newish 3700 or 3900?

Hello, i got a pair of 3900. They never was used in the club, only at my home in the case. I dreamed to dj again, but i grow up, and they stayed most of the time in the case. Just somethimes scratch some. I still have the original boxes. I sell them in a pack, with the big case and with the mixer Traktor Z2. ANybody interested ?

People should mention the asking price(s) in US or Canada $'s that they want to sell their stuff for. :wink:

Hi, do you still have these avalaible? interested in getting a pair for teaching my son to DJ/ scratch etc. looking for a pair in very good to mint condition in the UK. Thanks in advance, Richard.

Hi Richard,

I Did send you a reply, but it has vanished and yes I still have them in storage. £1400 if your still interested. Regards Gordon