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I have a Denon mcx 7000, found out the output volume is so low, master volume and even when recording via serato dj, I have to increase the record volume knob to about 3oclock, and even with that u find the meter on serato dj won’t even read red. I have a pioneer controller and I don’t experience this wen I use same laptop to record or play.

Hi @iamdjsteve - Welcome to the community!

The Serato recording level and the master knob are completely independent meaning that the Master knob on the MC7000 does not adjust the recording level. That is controlled within the Serato DJ REC control panel.

What are you channel levels set to?

My channel volumes are as far as 3 o’clock. I know d record volume has nothing to do with d master volume, so my point is my Denon mcx 7000 controller is so low in volume, either output volume to amp, mixers or speakers and also low in volume to recording output on serato, so wat could pls be the cause and how do I fix it. Thanks

hey there,

The fact that the volume is too low, isn’t directly a bad thing here. You have to know that each recording needs to have some ‘headroom’ to be sure the recording audio-signal isn’t ‘clipping’ over the 0db level…

Clipping results in distorted sound, you’ll try to avoid this (if distortion is needed you apply the effect to the audio signal in it’s clearest form for full control)

So the fact that it gives us a very low level is a good thing… meaning:

  1. If your signal is quieter than wanted, no worries, just turn the volume up (increasing volume won’t affect the quality of your audio signal)
  2. If your audio signal was too loud while recording… it probably would’ve clipped, giving a distorted signal.

Bottom line: It’s a good thing the levels are lower, pure for the audio quality reasons!

This all being said… There are ways you can adjust the audio level of your audio clips. By “NORMALIZING”.

There are 2 free software apps that you can use to “NORMALIZE” the audio clip. (meaning, it will take the loudest audio peak/signal of your audio clip (or selection in that clip), and increases the overal audio volume level of that clip untill the loudest peak comes near the 0db level)

Free apps that many of us use are Audacity or Ocen Audio Youtube has loads of insight on the matter of normalizing audioclips with software like these.

Bottomline2 the Recording WAV you made is NOT the final file you use to share. It’s the cleanest & safest version of your mix that needs to undergo some small edits before you let it loose upon us.

So you have a lower volume version recording, just normalize it to boost the volume of the audio clip to it’s highest level without clipping, keeping a clear and perfect sound quality.

I hope you understand it a bit now.

Regards Nico

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