Volume level decreases when cross fading (SOLVED)

lineman55 08 Aug 2012 11:59

just a quick question…using the Denon MC6000 I noticed that when both channel volumes are set to equal volume (no matter how many different songs I have ltried) as I move the fader from one side to the center to the other side the volume level decreases on the song im exisitngly playing as i go to mix in another song from the other deck and as I continue to the other deck it starts to increase until the fader reaches its max on that side. So in short… deck a plays fine (volume set) as the fader moves torwards the center, volume on deck A decreases as deck b starts in. volume increases as fader continues past center and into deck b until normal volume is reached again (deck b) Im having to adjust main volume as I fade from one song to another just to keep the level of volume equal.

Latest update with Denon and Asio driver from same website. XP / Alienware laptop /using VDJ 2 CHANNEL Is there something im missing in a setting in VDJ or the MC6000? I would think the VOLUME LEVEL should stay equal through out the cross fade.

Appreciate any input. James

DJ_Boothe 08 Aug 2012 12:49

X fader contour curve control : front panel

Page 17: user manual

lineman55 09 Aug 2012 15:41

Thankyou…that was it…