Volume faders for sc live 4

ok im really frustrated i cant seem to find a place to buy a couple of volume faders for channel 1+2 for my sc live 4 i have contacted denon, they referred me to inmusic, inmusic dont have the parts so they gave me a couple of dealers in my country, i’ve contacted them they dont sell dj controllers parts , i have spoke to the dealership that i bought my controller from, they dont have the faders

is it really that hard? how come denon design a controller and not have available parts for it? basic parts like faders? even on ebay i cant find them…can anyone help me ?

I had to sale my mixstream pro for the same reason. I couldn’t find a potentiometer for pich fader. So i bought Denon SC Live with the hope that it will be easier to find any parts if something happens again. It’s very disappointing to hear this from you.