Virtual DJ Mapping of decks

Hi all,

I upgraded myself from an MC6000 (MK1)to the proud owner of an MCX8000. :slight_smile: I run Virtual DJ and want to keep that. For me the power of the MCX8000 is 2 USB channels AND 2 Virtual DJ channels. The only problem i am facing is that the Virtual DJ skin with 2 player function shows player A and B. A an B are Deck 1 and 2 which i need to use for USB. So i am using Deck 3 and 4 for Virtual DJ. Deck 3 and 4 are player C and D in Virtual DJ. Deck C and D do not show up on my 2 deck screen in Virtual DJ.

How can i fix this? is there a mapping setting? or maybe another skin for this? Please advise. All help is appreciated.

I know that in the virtual dj options it can be done but I don’t remember what the option is called exactly I think it is mixer order or something like that