Vinyl mode problem

I own a denon sc live 2 and sometimes a have problem with vinyl mode. If a place my hand near the jog wheels the music stops. I say sometimes because at my home the device works perfectly and also to many places that i have been. But to the bar that i work i have problems all the time. I know that this issue relates with electricity and grounding. What can i do? Is there a solution? Is it possible to connect my device to the mixer like turnables that use grounding cables? I’m wondering if this can help me. I unplugged turnables, cdjs and mixer from the power strip in case another device affected my sc live but with no result.

It’s a workaround, rather than a fix, but easiest thing to do is switch off vinyl mode.

Yes, it’s the easiest thing but not a solution because that leads to another problem. When i play with vinyl mode off after a while there is an audio issue. The mixer don’t respond well, there is no audio in one channel. I have to turn vinyl mode on, make a scratch to the side that has no audio and voila! Audio is back.

Do theses two tests:

1)- With one hand, stay in contact with a metal plate and with the other, touch the jog to see if anything changes;

2)- Remove your shoes and stand barefoot with your feet in contact with the ground (preferably cold floor and not carpet) and touch the jogs to see if anything changes.

If in both cases nothing changes, it is a sign that in the places where you are working there is a grounding fault and/or indirect static energy, as you say that this does not happen in your house.

If any of the tests solve the problem, you can use one of the SC Live screws to ground it, simply attaching a wire and touching it to a metal plate.

These jogwheels that use capacitive touch have this problem. Many years ago I had an America Audio VMS4 that did exactly this. To get around this problem, I simply touched a metal plate with one hand and jogged with the other. It worked. Of course, that equipment was very old and used different technology, but the principle is the same.

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Thanks, I will try it next Saturday.

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If i place my hand above the jog wheel and touch the grounding on the mixer with my other hand, everything is normal. So I have to connect my sc live with the mixer’s grounding and i’ll be okay. Thanks for your help.

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