Vinyl bug?if I turn the button you don't hear no distortion on the sc5000 player

If my vinyl button is on my tracks has a distortion in the track if I turn it off I don’t hear the distorrion anymore

Are you on the latest firmware version? If so, it would benefit you to mention what that is. It is visible on the screen at boot and also in the menu. Cheers

Yes I have the lasted version if the player runs a while with Vinyl buton on you hare destorsion on the songs

Have you took the plastic foil of the platter?

Yes I did why?

You be surprised how many times thats the cause of platter problems. Are you in a solid grounded outlet?

Try touching something metal on the unit, like the front usb port when nothing’s in it or, better yet, the ground screw on the rear left of the unit. If that fixes it, stop playing on carpet while wearing dress shoes or socks, I guess, or just make sure to ground yourself frequently. Also make sure you’re not touching the touch platter or hovering your hand over it when it’s first booting up, as it will be calibrating to the surrounding RF environment, humidity, etc.

Hi @homealone - This could be the capacitive platter flickering and falsely sensing touch input. Could you please confirm that his plugs are grounded?

Thanks J