Version 3.2 engine dj for windows 8.1

I have Windows 8.1 how can I solve the error problem when I install engine dj version 3.2 it won’t let me open it can’t find engine dj .exe Thanks


Windows 8.1 is a completely unsupported OS now, Microsoft themselves stopped supporting it a couple of years ago. The best thing to do is look at updating your OS to Windows 10 as i dont believe any vendor will be building software with that OS in mind regarding support.

Not only that, you’re also putting your own data at risk as the platform is no longer receiving security updates.


Windows 8.1 may also have some missing dependencies, as the OS is no longer supported.

There are many versions of win10 and win11 light out there, if your system doesn’t have tpm or enough memory to handle the is upgrade.


You can check if your computer is compatible with Windows 10 here: Windows 10 system requirements - Microsoft Support

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There is also an option to get a non TPM version of Windows 11.


Please Could you recommend me one? Could you recommend me one. Can you share a link to download

You might want to [Read this first](can i use windows 11 without tpm 2.0 ? - Microsoft Community Redirecting) first but I reckon moving to Windows 10 would be easier.

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