Vdj hotques to enginedj

Hello! I’ve been playing with vdj infinity and I would like to turn it in enginedj… I would like to be standalone only with my ssd… My problem is that I want my vdj hotques into my enginedj or in my ssd… I don’t know how to do this… In my enginedj software, all the hotques is ok… are read from the vdj… When I connect my ssd into sc live 4, there is no hotque…

Engine DJ can’t import directly from VirtualDJ so I’m not sure about your claim that the hot cues are there.

Unless you want to use something like Lexicon (at a cost) then maybe you could try exporting from VDJ to Rekordbox format, then import to Engine.

You should be able to directly convert with Lexicon.

You can subscribe month by month as long as you need.

Also, if you are Mac-based you could one-time purchase the ATGR DJ Conversion Utility. https://www.atgr.nl/page/VDJ/engine-prime.html

There’s also https://www.mixo.dj/.