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Hi I hope you can help I bought 2 new USB sticks which are formatted to Fat 32 (Kingston Datatraveller 128gb). When plugged in to the Prime 4 you can select tracks to load onto a deck but in most cases the screen freezes and it sometimes affects the other playing deck. I then tried it with a cheap USB stick with only a couple of hundred songs on it and it worked fine. I also transferred onto engine Prime my Serato Library and when transferring onto USB from Engine many songs could not be loaded and had to delete from Engine so I can carry on transferring the Crates. I have also an issue with the Pitch slider not working on occasions. The green arrow appears and you have to slide it up and down before it bites. I am starting to really regret moving away from Pioneer although I love the unit. I just want it to work. I am seriously regretting buying this and the engine software is driving me up the wall as I cant even create sub crates.

Please help

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I had a similar issue with the pitch sliders which seems to happen when i am in synch mode. You seem to have to move the pitch fader half way to the lit green arrow, ie: + or - to disengage the synch’d pitch . not a bug more of a safety feature i think. As to the usb problem, i have used a very fast, top quality branded usb to record onto yet the prime stopped recording stating the usb was too slow ?? not sure if that was the USB or the Prime.

Hi Sergios71, you should format your USB’s to exFat this should help

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Thank you , I will try and format them to exFat and let you know

The pitch issue you’re seeing is the “soft takeover” so the BPM doesn’t jump while in the mix. You have to pick up the BPM by moving in the direction of the arrows until the light goes off. That is when you’re at the proper BPM. It is like this in other software too (like Serato DJ).

Hope it helps.

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Yes agree you should try exFat, please see our FAQ for full recommendation: