V3.2 and Sync still doesn't sync Cues and Loops

Hi all
I just wanted to sync back all my changes from last Fridays Gig from P4 back to Engine DJ.
I just realized that “Sync” Function is syncing back playlist changes but NO new Loops and Cues I created on my P4 during the show.
What’s even more funny (better: sad!): I can actually see these tracks with new Cues and Loops under “history” in Engine DJ. But in the collection these very same tracks are missing these cues/loops.
Anyone came across the same issue?

So have you already used Sync manager to transfer data from the remote unit to the main collection? Did you press the button on the right side where it shows the left direction arrow? :thinking: :thinking:

Hi DjAj, yes…I plugged my Prime 4(with internal SSD) into the laptop, switched P4 to “computer Mode” and started Engine DJ on PC. Then I waited 3 Minutes to let Engine DJ do its automatic startup and sync tasks. Then I started the sync function, changed to the disk hosted in my Prime 4 and synced back with the white “sync” button appearing bottom of the sync-page.
It seems that exported files from PC to P4 loose the logical link to their equivalent on PC - so changes to them (new loops and Cues) are not synced back to PC. However playlist changes are synced back from P4 to Engine DJ.

Same issue here, I even don’t have the option to sync back because the software thinks everyting is the same.