Using traktor dj pro on any engine dj controller

there this any possibility in the future update that we can use traktor dj pro on the denon dj prime 4 +? like serato & virtual dj already available

I think that may be down to Traktor to push that along. Have you asked them on their forum?

i wiil ask them ,i hope they make it happen

Looking at the list of controllers that Traktor supports, it’s pretty outdated. Traktor users seem very loyal though. Despite nothing much happening for ages, they stick around and just keep asking when [insert feature here] will be released.

i thick i see someone on you tube mapping the traktor dj pro software with the prime 4

Traktor is not like other DJ software. Its actually more creative than other softwars. It can do more than other software. Like send midi cl8ck to better to sync with live instruments. Beat machines, synths etc. But you have to do the work to make it happen. Because only you know what your performance ideas are.

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Surprise surprise other DJ software can also send MIDI clock. Not only that, but Ableton Link too.

Can Traktor play video? Can Traktor separate stems in real time? Can Traktor broadcast directly from the software? Can Traktor use VST plugins? If not, then it does not do more than other software.

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it true ,i knw it every well,i am a traktor user b4 i moved on denon ,i still enjoy playing my gig with traktor djs ,but i hope also denon bring more traktor feature on prime soon

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traktor has been super lazy ,to upgrade the software n the hardware ,i dont know what wrong with the company it self ,be i know traktor was the 1st dj software to bring stem on d2

It’s not up to Denon. Traktor is a Native Instruments product, so it’s NI who have to act.

The Denon API is available to developers. The developers have to add support.

Most dj software has ditched midi clock in favor of ableton link. Professionals know that ableton link is not reliable. It goes out of sync within a short time. Whereas midi clock doesn’t and is compatible with more outside hardware. Can traktor play video? Yes with professional video software such as resolume. The built in video features of dj software such as serato is not the choice for professional vj’s. And traktor actually works better with professional vj software such as Resolume and Mix Emergency. But you’d have to be a serious professional to know that. No traktor doesn’t offer real time stems. But professional dj’s making millions per yer prefer to pre-create stems. It reduces stress on the computer and reduces the chances of a crash during a live set. We premake our stems and use traktor’s stem feature. But again as I mentioned before, it requires more work. The key word to everything Ive been saying is “professional.” What Im talking about is for an entirely different league of performers. And thats probably why you and I probably shouldn’t be conversating.

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i agree ,on that part of using trakor dj on engine controller ,but the other feature,denon team also need to be ready deliver,if we ask for, especially the xtra feature to improve the software n hardware that are missing,that is the only way to keep the going forward

Do they indeed? That must mean that the Ableton forum is full of amateurs then I guess.

I’ve used it myself, and no it doesn’t go out of sync in a short time.

Traktor can play video…with software such as Resolume? Hello, that’s not Traktor playing the video!

Nice to know that I’m a “serious professional” (I use Resolume too).

You’re in a different league? So modest. LOL! :rofl:

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I know lies when I hear them sir

Oh really? What was I lying about then?

This is going to be fun…

For someone who claims to be professional, you’re not making a great forum debut.

Hello everyone . I think there is another open topic with this same thing from a long time ago. I think it is in the hands of Traktor, but it seems that it is not an easy task and as they say, they are focusing on other things. At the moment you can use Serato, but I’m getting more and more lazy having to use external elements (and that’s how I started in the forum​:joy::joy::joy:). You have to be prepared for future improvements in Denon and wait. All the best

i respect serato but i am not a serato fan

but they can work on some traktor feature apply it to denon prime

…or VirtualDJ.

i will use the engine prime instead , but missing alot of good feature

If You want, remind me later today, I will send You the TSP, I have a decent mapping for Prim 4 on Trkator 3. It is not 100% finished, as I don’t have my own Prime 4, but most features are there, and You can play with it. If someone in my area (South Limburg in Netherlands) has the Prime 4 and want’s a full map, needs to drop in with his gear and I can finish the mapping.