Using the SC5000 with Serato 1.9.10

To resolve any confusion with the usage of the SC5000 with Serato 1.9.10 and firmware 1.0.3, here’s a simple graphic connection diagram.

Been running it for past few days flawlessly with sc5000, but can’t connect my vl12’s can you help me with this matter!?!

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vL12s, or any vinyl record deck will need timecode vinyl and Serato DVS licence

Thanks for reply and yes I have all that as I use with serato with s9, but connected to x1800 in phono or dvs the wave form doesn’t acknowledge vl12 and suggestions?

I think your solution is in the utility settings on your X1800. Press Utility button>Advanced Audio>DVS Setup> Ch1-4 settings

do you have a stand alone + DVS licence?

The S9 license can’t be used with the X1800 as it’s tied to the S9

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Thanks guys for info, I’ve been used to all my mixers and controllers having dvs license, I’ve got expansion packs but not dvs so I’ll try monthly and keep you posted. Thanks again, DJ B.O.B

Ok so I tried hooking up denon sl12 along with sc5000 and still not recognizing it, can they not be used at same time?

If you plan to use your Turntables with Serato then the Club Kit is your best option, it includes Serato DJ License and a Serato DVS licence.

You need the DVS licence to use Timecode Vinyl to control Serato DJ. If you don’t need to use Timecode Vinyl then you don’t need to buy the extra DVS license.

Denon SC5000 and the X1800 will work with just the 99usd Serato DJ option.

If you wanna use the VL12 turntable and the X1800 then you need to buy the 169usd. You will also need to buy Serato Control Vinyl

You only have to buy once even if you decide to change hardware in the future, your licence will work. It’s not tied to the hardware unlike how the SX or MCX8000 etc

With the Standalone license, you can use a Serato Intro controller with full Serato DJ too.

Eg if you have a Wego or any Serato entry level controller.

Hey thanks, I did get club kit with dvs and activated it, I have sc5000 on Chanel 2 and 3, so tried hooking up TT to channel 1and or 4. I tried phono and line but still nothing

first thing first, is the SC5000 working with Serato?

Yes worked perfectly, connected digitally… Should turntable be connected to phono or line? I went in dvs set up and made channel 1 and 4 for dvs

Did you follow the instructions as above in the manual?

The VL12 is Phono only according to images I’ve seen. So connect it to phono. Try with the 2 middle channels.

I did but will try center channels instead, it’s getting signal but just tone

don’t forget to switch to ABS or REL mode. With the SC5000 you are on INT mode. There is a small drop menu in Serato main screen for that.

It’s not giving me that option with new Sdj, Ive looked all over

And thanks for your time with this, I looked for Rel and it’s not showing anywhere on screen

Ok so if I do switch to Rel mode then I can only use turntable then have to switch back to use sc5000? I’m trying to use one of each as I have only 1 sc5000 thanks

Yes. The SC5000 will only work in INT mode as it’s acting just like a controller. It’s the same way CDJs work too when used with Serato.

And yeah if you have one 5000 and one VL12, the 5000 will have to be in INT (Serato) whilst the Turntable has to be either REL or ABS mode.

Difference between REL and ABS mode information is here

There is an image of the ABS/REL toggle