Using rekordbox usb in live 2

Hi everyone, new here, I’ve played in clubs and owned pioneer equipment up until now. I’ve just ordered a SC live 2 just to use at home as I don’t play out anymore. I’ve tons of music on usb all analysed in rekordbox. Can I just plug them straight into the denon sc2 live and will it read the usb information such as wave forms BPM qué points etc. Many thanks for your help in advance everyone :herb::blossom:

Hi @Martin_Hewitt

You can use your Rekordbox drive both in desktop or the players. More info in this video:

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That’s great, so I can just plug and play my usb? I previously had a pioneer xdjrx2. So no need to re analyse tunes just plug and play?

That’s correct. The info that can be used directly will be imported and other info that cannot be copied directly will be generated on device by analyzing and then also saved (like waveforms do not copied but are generated by Denon, but playlists and cues will be imported)

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That’s great news. Thank you so much for your help bud. Have a great weekend :smile:

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