Using Rekordbox instead of Engine DJ for Library Management

Hi Everyone, happy owner of SC Live 4 here. I’ve been using Engine DJ for months now and I am satisfied with it, but recently I’ve been asked to DJ using Pioneer XDJ/CDJ and I started to convert my Engine DJ Librrary to Rekordbox. Using Mixo Gold Software, it took me 30 minutes… which is cool. Then exported to USB key with Rekorbox, all worked fine.

Then I noticed that the SC Live 4 itself can read the Rekordbox USB key without an issue and I am now wondering if it’s better to just ditch Engine DJ and stay in Rekordbox so I can still use my SC Live 4 and play in venues with Pioneer gear.

What do you think? Is anyone Rekordbox to manage the Library? What are the limitations?


I personally run a library of each, even though it’s obviously a lot of extra work.

From what I understand it should run perfectly stable with rekordbox libraries on Denon gear, so give it a shot :blush:

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Moin @lucottero,

pretty good idea and this handling will shorten your workflow.

I had the same challenge (a gig on a Pioneer set up), so I have the question:


  • Hotcues
  • Loops
  • Automatic loops
  • Beatgrids amended by hand

are converted to Recordbox?

Enjoy the day and brgds BeatMaster

Yes so Hotcues, Loops and Beatgrids are converted properly. Some beatgrids are slightly off compared to Engine DJ, nothing major but in a few songs they miss the beat slightly.

To convert I used Mixo, which seems to be a pretty good software for this kind of Library porting. I payed one month like £7 and converted all the library in a few minutes, so I don’t need to renew every month. But I’ll have to maintain both Engine DJ and Rekordbox libraries in parallel (and iTunes, but that’s me xD).

I’ve only tested for a day and it seems like managing the Library with Rekordbox doesn’t have major drawbacks, but of course this is only needed if you need to switch often between Denon and Pioneer, I guess. In my case this happens pretty often as hires, clubs and venues only have Pioneer.

I’ll keep testing and something bad ccomes up I’ll let you know.

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Moin @lucottero,

thanks for your prompt reply.

Here is some furthermore information in this matter:

It’s a lot of work to keep more than one system equal to each other. And if I am in an environment not being familarly I’m always nervous …

Good luck and brgds BeatMaster

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I’m in a situation in which I started using rekordbox again to do my library management, because I need tags.

Issue 1: Some 100-110 bpm tracks appear to have 30-40 bpm in engine (meaning I won’t see them in the 100+ BPM range when browsing a playlist)

Issue 2: I don’t set my cue points and loops on the laptop, I find it more convenient to set them when I actually load them while playing live. BUT this means I won’t be able to sync them back to rekordbox.

I also tried lexicon dj in the past, but I don’t even use 10% of it’s features so I find it a bit expensive for a monthly subscription, and also I had some workflow issues there as well.

Now I’m just hoping for Engine to get tags and access to play count

Do you know the apps of ATGR?

I use RB as my main library and use ■■■■ from ATGR to convert to Engine.

Best, Arjen

Try The conversion was pretty much flawless a part from a few beatgrids. It’s 7 pounds and you can stop it after the conversion. I need to try ATGR…

I am going to play today on pioneer cdjs with the library i just converted… wish me luck :rofl:

good luck :grinning: and you will be the master of the turntables

Brgds BeatMaster