Using prime 4 with serato

Hello! I have recently observed a ‘problem’ with my Prime 4. Every time I want to connevt it to my computer with serato it freezes, besides the fact that it takes like a minute or two to connect. I have a decent computer with mid gen components so that should not be a problem I presume. After the controller connects I cannot use it like a controller, like it won’t work in the computer (i cant use the mixer, the jogwheels, the pads)

Details please. Are you using Mac or PC? Spec? Operating system? What version of Serato are you using?

You say the Prime 4 connects. Do you see the Serato interface on the Prime 4 screen?

I am using a laptop with intel core i7- 2650k, nvvidia gtx460 2gb, ssd 256, windows 10 64bit. I am using serato dj pro with the last version of it, and yes I can see the serato interface, but I cant use the mixer and the decks.

How do you know that “it freezes”? You say you “can’t use” the Prime 4 - so when the Serato interface comes up on the Prime 4 screen, you can’t scroll tracks or loads tracks?

Is Serato still funtional directly on the computer (i.e. can you browse, load etc)?

If I connect it to serato dj pro it should be working, like I should be mixing, but I cant because I cant load tracks from prime 4, and either use the other features (filtsrs, effects, jogwheels, and such). what might cause the problem? If you want I can make a video and attach it here :slight_smile:

I’d try the prime 4 on a different computer, different USB ports, different usb leads, no hubs, no other hardware attached

Yes I know it’s not working. You said that already. You need to provide DETAILS.

It doesn’t help that you’re not answering the questions.

access this youtube link because I posted an unlisted video that shows my problem. Watch that to see if you can find any solutions :slight_smile: Thanks anyway for the help and opinions

You need to install the Windows driver - download from Denon website. Have you done that?

could you give me a link please ?

Here you go mate and have super fun with the Hardware and be creative :heart:

Driver to Windows and here is the manual for it