Using Prime 4 to do Live/Pre-Record Sessions for YouTube

Hi, I was wondering if you can use the Prime 4 to connect via USB to Laptop going through OBS to do Live/Recorded DJ Sessions published onto YouTube? I have done the method of having external microphone connected as audio source but the quality is not the best. Can I do it directly as stated or do I need to have an Audio Interface Device, such as iRig Stream? If the latter, what are cheaper options for audio interface devices versus the $100 pricing on the iRig? Thank you for your time.

Using the Prime 4 with USB it’s just a controller, so for example you can use VirtualDJ to stream directly to Twitch (speaking from experience) - BUT - the USB audio level from the Prime 4 is really low.

My solution is to use another audio interface (fed from the Prime 4 analog outputs) with a much more sensible output level to feed the stream.

Check that thread out

YouTube content ID allows DJs to stream/mix someone music using Engine DJ hardwares with Beatport subscription? Or they would be banned from YouTube?

Its all about whether you choose to monetise the video or not… and even then it may be silenced in portions in some regions. Ive got a couple of youtube mixes on my channel and one of them says Sony have restricted it in the US because of a track i played. It always seems to be Sony who are the worst offenders.

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If you want to live stream DJ sets, YouTube is not the best choice of platform.

You may not get banned, but your stream certainly will be monitored, warnings will be given, and ultimately you will get disconnected.

IMO Twitch is the place to go. Live streams are completely trouble free. Don’t record the stream (to Twitch) because the recordings do get checked and muted.

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Well I can still go DAWLess using analog drum machines and Neutron synthesizer so YouTube can’t mute me because it’s not someone recording lol

Don’t be so sure!

A very well known, established YouTube musician/reviewer had a copyright strike recently, from an on-the-fly music making session. It was entirely his own work, not a cover version or using any samples.

It never ceases to amaze me just how ‘anti music’ these record conglomerates are… literally trying to damage their own industry with pedantry.