Using pad as cue?

Hello, is there a possibility of using the pads in Prime 4 as if it were a cue?

The database only stores 8 cue points and there’s already a real pad for each of those 8 cues.

Were you looking to use the iPad to trigger the 8 existing cues, just bigger pretend pads?

No, being able to use the pads as a cue, with a single touch without advancing the track.

So you’re referring to ‘smart cue’ a la Opus Quad?

No, gate cue the xr3 pioneer.

So the track only plays while you’ve got your finger on the pad? If so, there’s a menu option for that

Isn’t there a setting that allows this? Where you press the hot cue and it just jumps there and stays?

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In momentary hot cue mode, and paused, it jumps to the hot cue and stays there upon release. You would need to have your main cue zero essentially instead (or in addition) set as a hot cue if you plan on going back to it, since when you’re paused it will just now reset the main cue zero to that new spot you’re at if you hit Cue. If you do want to continue onward when hitting these momentary hot cues, you also then hit Play. Alternatively, slip can be used to do some interesting things.

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I’m not sure if you mean when you press the “in” button on a Pioneer device while playing the song, if so you have to press shift +cue and it will nine the temporary cue to the point you pressed and there you can play your games without to play, using the cue button… I hope it helps you

There is now a setting on Prime to move the main cue zero to the loop in, if that’s what he’s talking about.


where exactly? Any specific function configuration?

Moin @Reticuli,

thanks for your advise:

Could you pls be so kind as to point out, where it is documented in the manual, especially for the Prime 4? Or is there phps a specific workflow to set the cue combined with a loop or autoloop?

Many thanks in advance for your endeavours in this matter.

Brgds from HAM BeatMaster

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There is an option in the menu that says something like “move cue to the beginning of the Loop” and it is supposed to move it to the beginning of the Loop when you do one, although I think the Shift + cue option is more convenient and faster.

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