I’M new to this forum,but I’M THEQDJ out of Tampa fl. I’ve been djing since the late 70s. I play club, old school and rap. I now have 3 sc3900s and the x1700. I’m looking into buying two 5000s and keeping one 3900 a long with a new x1800. Will I be able to make this set up work. Since the 5000 does support CDs, I will keep one 3900 for that reason alone.

Would it work - yes. But probably not quite the way you are thinking.

You could link the two 5000s and use one Engine Prime database music source for both. You’d need to then plug a different music source into your 3900 as it uses an old version of the Engine database. So they’d all be working at the same time, but not communicating with each other.

You could potentially use all three products with DJ software such as Serato. Serato will be launching support for the 5000’s in the near future. If you run all the units in stand-alone mode they will work great with the mixer but wont control each other.